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Syringe, Ll, 3Ml, W/Cap, W/O Ndl, Strl

  • Manufacturer Name : Exel
  • MFG # : 26200
  • Distributor Name : Apogee
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108684 1000/CS
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  • Sterile
  • Non-Toxic
  • Pyrogen free
  • Positive plunger stop to prevent spillage when drawing
  • Smooth plunger motion

Additional Data Generated From Artificial Intelligence Engine

This is a 3ml syringe with a cap and no needle. It is made of polypropylene and has a Luer-Lok thread. It is sterile and has a graduated barrel.
SYRINGE, LL,3ML,W/CAP,W/O NDL,STRL is a syringe designed for use by healthcare professionals. It is intended to improve patient outcomes by providing a more efficient and effective way to administer medication. The syringe is designed to be used without a needle, which reduces the risk of needle stick injuries and the potential for cross contamination. It is also designed to be more comfortable for patients to use, which may improve compliance with medication regimens.
This is a 3mL syringe with a cap and no needle. It is made of plastic and is clear. The syringe is graduated in 0.1mL increments.
D Name: SYRINGE, LL,3ML,W/CAP,W/O NDL,STRLD Description: A syringe with a capacity of 3 mL, without a needle, and with a cap. Manufacturer: Country of Origin: Sterile: Latex Free: Single Use: Disposable: Recyclable: Refillable: Tip Type: Needleless: Capacity: 3 mL

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The cost of SYRINGE, LL,3ML,W/CAP,W/O NDL,STRL is $ 191.01.

SYRINGE, LL,3ML,W/CAP,W/O NDL,STRL is manufactured by Exel.

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