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Optifoam Adhesive Foam Dressings

In the realm of wound care and patient healing, Optifoam Adhesive Foam Dressings emerge as essential products for healthcare experts like you. These meticulously designed dressings are crafted to promote optimal wound healing, minimize discomfort, and enhance patient well-being, setting a new standard in wound management and care.

Optifoam Adhesive Foam Dressings are engineered with precision and patient comfort in mind. They provide a sterile and protective barrier for wounds, helping to maintain a moist wound environment that supports the natural healing process. Whether you are managing acute wounds, surgical incisions, or chronic ulcers, these foam dressings offer a reliable and effective solution.

What truly sets Optifoam Adhesive Foam Dressings apart is their adaptability and ease of use. They are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different wound types and locations. Their adhesive backing ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing patients to move with ease and minimizing pain during dressing changes.

Precision and patient well-being are paramount in wound care, and Optifoam Adhesive Foam Dressings excel in both aspects. They are manufactured with attention to detail and quality, meeting the stringent standards of healthcare professionals. This commitment to excellence underscores their importance in promoting wound healing and patient comfort.

Optifoam Adhesive Foam Dressings are a trusted choice among healthcare experts due to their proven effectiveness and quality. They are crafted to provide reliable wound care solutions that enhance the healing process and improve the overall patient experience.

When sourcing these exceptional dressings, look no further than Pipeline Medical. We aim to empower healthcare experts like you by providing a comprehensive range of high-quality medical products and wound care solutions. We are dedicated to enhancing patient care through reliable and innovative solutions.

Trust us to provide the precision medical supplies you need to make a meaningful difference in the health and well-being of your patients and to enhance your capabilities as a healthcare expert.

Optifoam Adhesive Foam Dressings products:

In Stock
Medline 100/CS : $497.14
MFG# : MSC1044EP PID : 188295
PID UOM Price Qty
188359 1/EA $4.97
188862 10 EA / BX $49.72
188295 100/CS $497.14
In Stock
Medline 100/CS : $892.24
MFG# : MSC1066EP PID : 188363
PID UOM Price Qty
188364 1/EA $8.92
188365 10/BX $89.23
188363 100/CS $892.24
In Stock
Medline 10/BX : $89.23
MFG# : MSC1066 PID : 188366
PID UOM Price Qty
188366 10/BX $89.23
In Stock
Medline 1/EA : $4.97
MFG# : MSC1044 PID : 188360
PID UOM Price Qty
188360 1/EA $4.97
188361 10/BX $49.72

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