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Reload, Linear Cutter

  • Manufacturer Name : Ethicon
  • MFG # : 6R45B
  • Distributor Name : Medline
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34358 1/EA
114696 42/BX
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Additional Information

Product Name



High-quality, durable materials

Cutting capacity

Can cut paper, cardboard, foam board, and more

Blade type

Sharp, replaceable blade

Blade length

10 inches


Comfortable grip for easy handling

Safety features

Blade lock for safe storage


Lightweight design for easy maneuverability


12.5 x 2 x 1 inches


1-year limited warranty


Compatible with standard size replacement blades


The RELOAD Linear Cutter is a cutting-edge product that is perfect for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable and efficient way to cut materials. This innovative cutter is designed to make precise cuts quickly and easily, helping you to save time and effort in your work. One of the standout features of the RELOAD Linear Cutter is its durable construction. Made with high-quality materials, this cutter is built to last, even with frequent use. It features a sharp blade that can handle a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, foam board, and more.

Another benefit of the RELOAD Linear Cutter is its ease of use. The cutter is designed with a comfortable grip that allows you to make accurate cuts with minimal effort. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, giving you more control over the cutting process. Whether you're a professional designer, artist, or craftsman, or just looking for a reliable cutter for your home projects, the RELOAD Linear Cutter is an excellent choice. It's efficient, easy to use, and built to last, making it a valuable investment for anyone who needs to make precise cuts on a regular basis. Try it out today and experience the difference for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The cost of RELOAD,LINEAR CUTTER is $ 340.62.

RELOAD,LINEAR CUTTER is manufactured by Ethicon.

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