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Needle, 18Gx1.5, Reg, Bevel

  • Manufacturer Name : Medline
  • MFG # : SYR100187
  • Distributor Name : Medline
PID UOM Price Qty
103462 1000 Each / Case
107286 1000 EA / CS
147833 1/EA
192819 1000/CS
614856 100 EA / BX
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Additional Information

Product NameNeedle, 18Gx1.5, Reg, Bevel
Needle Gauge 18 Gauge
Needle Length 1.5 inches
Needle Type Regular (Reg), Standard Bevel
MaterialHigh-quality, medical-grade stainless steel
Bevel Type Standard bevel for versatile use
SterilitySterilized and ready for single-use
Hub Design Standard hub for compatibility with various syringes


The Needle, 18Gx1.5, Reg, Bevel, is a reliable and versatile instrument designed for general medical procedures. Manufactured by Distributor, this needle features an 18 Gauge and a 1.5-inch length, offering healthcare professionals precision and effectiveness in a variety of medical applications.

Crafted from high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel, the needle ensures durability and sharpness. The standard bevel design enhances its versatility, making it suitable for various medical procedures. Individually sterilized and ready for single use, the needle adheres to stringent infection control standards, ensuring a sterile and hygienic application.

Featuring a standard hub design, this needle is compatible with various syringes, providing flexibility for healthcare practitioners. It complies with industry standards and regulations, reflecting Distributor's commitment to delivering high-quality and compliant medical instruments.

Healthcare professionals can trust the Distributor Needle, 18Gx1.5, Reg, Bevel, for its reliability, precision, and compliance with industry standards. Individually packaged for convenience, this needle is ready for immediate use in a broad range of general medical procedures, supporting healthcare practitioners in delivering effective and safe patient care.

Additional Information

Parameter Specifications
Manufacturer Distributor
Manufacturer numberSRY100187
UOM100 EA/Bx
Product TypeNeedle
Needle gauge 18G
Needle length1.5 inches
Needle tipBeveled
Needle color Red
Material Stainless steel
Intended use Medical procedures
disposable/reusable Disposable

Product Description

The "NEEDLE, 18GX1.5, RED, BEVEL" is a medical-grade needle designed for various medical procedures. This needle features a gauge size of 18G, which refers to the thickness of the needle. The 1.5-inch length of the needle makes it ideal for procedures that require a longer reach.

The needle is colored red to help distinguish it from other needles and to make it easier to identify during medical procedures. Additionally, the beveled tip of the needle allows for a smoother and less painful insertion into the skin or tissue, minimizing patient discomfort and the risk of trauma. This sterile needle ensures the minimum risk of infection.

Note that the needle is commonly used for withdrawing more quantities of blood that require a fast blood flow rate such as blood donation procedures and therapeutic phlebotomy. It is also used for medication injections and other medical procedures that require a larger needle size.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The cost of NEEDLE,18GX1.5",REG,BEVEL is $ 0.10.

NEEDLE,18GX1.5",REG,BEVEL is manufactured by Medline.

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