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Kit, Tray, Nova, Surg, Ctr, Cysto, Custom

  • Manufacturer Name : Cardinal
  • MFG # : SBA12COHFB
  • Distributor Name : Medline
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171151 5/CS
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Tiburon surgical drapes are engineered to pass the industry standard tests that measure fluid and synthetic viral penetration, which help provide the maximum in clinician and patient safety. They are resistant to abrasion and puncture, yet their flexible, cloth-like properties allow them to drape naturally, following the contours of the patient. The impervious structure of Tiburon surgical drapes can help reduce the occurrence of strikethrough, which creates a pathway for microorganisms, that can lead to contamination and infection. In addition, the absorbent top layer can effectively hold and disperse fluid away from the patient. Classified as a Level 4device under the AAMI guidelines for barrier performance, Tiburon® surgical drape sprovide the highest level of protection available in a surgical drape. Tiburon® fabric also passes the even more stringent industry test for viral penetration, ASTM F1671. Tiburon® surgical drapes are designed to improve patient outcomes by contributing to the reduction of surgical site infection.

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The cost of KIT,TRAY,NOVA,SURG,CTR,CYSTO,CUSTOM is $ 388.59.

KIT,TRAY,NOVA,SURG,CTR,CYSTO,CUSTOM is manufactured by Cardinal.

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