0.5 Ml Insulin Syringe With 31G X 5/16" Needle

  • Manufacturer Name : Becton Dickinson and Co
  • MFG # : 328468
  • Distributor Name : Medline
PID UOM Price Qty
9438 100/BX
9819 500/CS
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The 31-gauge, 8mm (5/16#) BD Ultra-FineTM II Short Needle is 37 percent shorter than a 12.7mm needle. You should consult with your health care professional before using the BD Ultra-FineTM II Short Needle, and carefully monitor your blood glucose when changing to a shorter needle. All BD insulin syringes are engineered with optimal point geometry for maximum comfort and reliability Coated with special Micro-Bonded lubrication for a more comfortable injection.

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